International Health and Safety - Updates

Updates as at 10 October 2023

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Page 38: Please note that the final two headings in Figure 2: The STEEPLE model are incorrect. An updated version of this diagram, with the corrected headings, follows:


An illustration of the STEEPLE model. Each letter from the word is linked to an external element with examples for context. In order, they are: Social, Technological, Economical, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical.


Page 296: The first hazard symbol has been incorrectly typeset as a square rather than a diamond. The correct placement is as follows:


The GHS hazard symbol for corrosive; a diamond showing an object and a hand being damaged by a chemical


Page 472: The final sentence in the paragraph beneath the heading “Radiation” should read:

Heat radiated from a thick layer of smoke at ceiling level can set fire to the contents of the room above.


Page 485: Figure 4 does not illustrate Tank hazardous zones, as stated by the caption. Tank hazardous zones are illustrated in the following image:


Page 496: The final sentence in the paragraph beneath the heading “Siting, maintenance and training requirements for portable fire-fighting equipment” should read:

Ideally, workers should not be required to travel more than 30 metres to reach one.